3 Easy Steps To Follow When Moving To A Smaller House

You are both happy to leave your familiar surroundings and sad to make a change. A smaller space means you won’t have room for all of your personal stuff, making downsizing even more difficult. When moving to a smaller house, it may also be a chance for renewal and a fresh start. You should make your new property seem like a home by furnishing it with the things you truly love if you clear out the clutter. Here are three tips for moving without giving up your sentimental possessions.

These suggestions will assist you in keeping the memories while reducing clutter in your new house when it comes time to downsize.

Make a Plan

So it is time to move out. Visit your new house and measure the dimensions of your rooms and storage spaces. You can use this as a reference to determine how much you can bring. It is preferable to undervalue than to overvalue. Do one room at a time as you decide what to keep and what to throw away. You don’t have to complete the entire moving process at once. To avoid feeling pressured, schedule a small amount of work each day. Make your furniture selection first. You’ll have a better understanding of how much room you still have to fill if you go from big to little.

Time to Throw Stuff Away

It’s simple to tell yourself that you’ll one day continue to wear that ten-year-old shirt with the tags still on. But it’s unlikely that you will use it again if you haven’t for a year.

These things may not be what you want or need right now, but someone else could find them beneficial. It’s possible to pass special objects along to friends and relatives. You might sell good-condition furniture, household goods, clothing, and other stuff through a garage sale or Facebook groups like Vraagdenaanbod. Alternatively, you can decide to contribute things to charities. Anything that is beyond repair should be sent to the landfill or the recycling center.

You can Take the Memories

How frequently do you actually look through your photo albums, which take up a lot of storage space? Digitalize your photos and create a slideshow screensaver for your computer or TV to see all of your photographs in a slideshow when you pick up a digital frame.

If there’s stuff you really can’t let go of, give those priceless possessions to your children, grandkids, or close friends to make sure they are in excellent hands. They’ll appreciate the present, and you get to witness how they utilize it.

The process of moving to a smaller house is emotional. You’ll come across things you haven’t seen in a while, and you’ll need to determine what to do with them. Give yourself some time to reflect before making a choice. Be mindful of your space restrictions. Only you know what is actually precious to you, so take only that with you.