7 Embarrassing Home Staging Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

Engaging in staging before your property goes on the market is one of the most crucial things to do on your home-selling checklist. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 77% of buyers’ agents claimed to stage a home helped the buyer picture the property as a future home. Before you list, avoid the most common home staging mistakes.

#1. Filling the Space Too Much

Remove any extra or large furniture to provide buyers with a realistic idea of the space layout. Because many purchasers want more space, eliminating useless belongings might help the home look more prominent. Also, move the furniture away from the walls to improve visibility.

We encourage you to organize your closets. Reduce the size of your closet and clean the flooring. Closet space is crucial, and an overcrowded closet makes it look much smaller.

#2. Leaving a lot of Personal Items on Display

Remove any family photos, artwork, religious symbols, and souvenirs. Removing these items allows purchasers to concentrate on their new homes. To bring warmth without overcrowding, style all surfaces in neutral settings. Neutral paintings, candlesticks, and vases in a variety of colors, textures, and forms can be used in these scenes.

“Depersonalizing the property is often the first step in the staging process for many realtors,” said Nakeisha Glover, owner of Element Home Design & Staging. “We address this by incorporating emotional connections around the house. For example, coffee mugs placed on a tray on the kitchen island can let consumers visualize themselves having a cup of coffee in the morning. Subtle staging changes may have a big influence on potential purchasers.”

#3. When the House isn’t looking the best it can

Taking extra measures to present a clean home will always pay off.  It is your responsibility to thoroughly clean every surface and guarantee that there are no smells. Hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean the property before advertising it. Open the windows, clean the countertops, vacuum the floors, and turn on an air purifier before showings. It never hurts to use the tried-and-true cookies-in-the-oven technique!

#4. Not Creating a Center of Attention

Rearrange the furnishings to draw attention to one main focal point. A focal point helps purchasers picture their pieces in the room and produces a more organized aesthetic. A fireplace, for example, is typically the main feature of a living room. Instead of shoving the furniture up against the wall, arrange it around the fireplace.

#5. Too Many Colors that do not Match

A neutral, harmonizing color palette that flows throughout the home might make it feel larger. It will also serve as a blank canvas for purchasers to indulge in creativity.

While you want to depersonalize the home and pick a less distracting design, oftentimes rooms wind up in colors like tan and beige. It’s critical to achieve a balance between neutral décor and making the property appear welcoming and distinctive.

#6. When the House is Too Dark

Allow as much natural light as possible to enter. Remove any things that hinder natural light sources by opening the curtains, shades, and blinds. Buyers will remark on a light and airy home.

#7. Neglecting the Exterior

Many purchasers value outdoor living areas. Potential buyers will imagine inviting friends and family and relaxing in their backyard hideaway if you stage a backyard gathering spot.

“Decks and patios are frequently overlooked in staging. If there is a patio with furniture, keep it tidy and colorful with beautiful cushions and plants. Open the table umbrella if there is one! The objective is to make the place appear useful.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you avoid mistakes and sell your house faster. For more tips and tricks visit our Blog section on our website.


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