Welcome to Otrobanda, a thriving neighborhood in Curacao! Translated from the local language, Otrobanda means "The other side," referring to its location opposite Punda. This up-and-coming area is attracting investors who are transforming its beautiful buildings into lucrative bed and breakfasts, bars, restaurants, and trendy apartments upstairs.

Located on the main street with a charming adjacent alley, this well-priced monument presents an excellent opportunity. Its prime location ensures visibility and accessibility to potential customers and visitors. Moreover, the neighborhood is known for its annual street festival, Kaya Kaya, which has been gaining popularity year after year. Discover more about the festival at

One particular segment of Otrabanda has undergone a stunning transformation, with renovated monuments, captivating murals adorning the walls, and captivating art installations by local artists. The entire area has been given a vibrant and colorful makeover! On the day of the street festival, the atmosphere is electric, with music resonating throughout, delectable street food to savor, refreshing drinks to indulge in, and a chance to connect with people from all over the island. It's an event not to be missed!

This building in the Breedestraat in Otrobanda Curacao, presents an exceptional investment opportunity. Its flexible layout allows for easy conversion into a lively bar, a trendy restaurant, or even a stylish store on the ground floor, with comfortable living space upstairs. The potential for success in this vibrant neighborhood is limitless.

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